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Our Story

We started with a simple idea, that no Marine or Soldier should have to deploy without having access to the resources and training that could save his or her life.  It is a problem that the guys and girls on the ground are the ones that pay the price for poor training, yet are also the people who have the least amount of control over what they were learning.  We saw people who were not able to attend in person training courses, despite having an interest in learning how to identify threats and recognize the nonverbal cues that could be the difference between mission success and failure.

The CP Journal started with the goal of becoming the place where Marines and soldiers could learn the skills needed to get left of bang. Since our start, we’ve expanded our offerings to support our nation’s police officers and private security professionals after seeing a similar need, but the commitment to our nation’s military and protectors remains steadfast. Even if you aren’t in the military, you can benefit from the continual improvement of our training programs designed to improve the decisions that people make in high stakes situations with limited time and limited information.



The Team

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We Believe That

  • Education is everything and never ending. Our nation’s protectors deserve exceptional training and access to the best resources available. We provide what is needed to prevent violence from occurring.
  • People learn by doing and recognizing patterns come from experience.  Training must expose students to new experiences and provide the opportunity to apply the skills taught immediately following a course. We provide that environment.
  • Training has to lead to better performance, be proven and continuously improved. Objective analysis and consistent data-driven improvements have to be part of the learning and teaching process. We provide that commitment to unceasingly improve our courses, maximize a student’s time spent learning, and are dedicated to improving your operational effectiveness.
  • bias for action comes from confidence.  Throughout continuous development, protectors can take informed action, not doubt their observations, and confidently take action on those intend to harm others.


Our Journey


Our Brand

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