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White Papers and Reports

Title: Getting Beyond a Perception of Security: A Behavioral Approach To Public Safety

Overview: This white paper provides the foundation and framework for a behavioral analysis approach to threat recognition and public safety.  As our neighborhoods, cities, schools, office buildings and our country seek to get beyond a perception of security and provide a higher quality of safety, it will be through …READ MORE

Title: War in 140 Characters: How Social Media Can Shape Country Image During Conflict

OverviewOn November 14th, 2012 Israel announced the launch of Operation Pillar of Defense, a widespread campaign attacking terror sites into the Gaza Strip on Twitter. The ensuing 310 tweets over the eight-day campaign provide one of the first case studies in the use of social media during times of conflict …READ MORE

TitleTactical Behavioral Profiling Training For Texas Peace Officers

Overview: This white paper written by Shane Wickson highlights the need to train police officers in proactive threat recognition while they are conducting their entry level training, as opposed to taking elective coursework later in their career…READ MORE



TitleThreats Inside The Wire: Preventing Green on Blue Attacks

Overview: This e-book provides a simple structure for our military to look at, assess and analyze the members of their partnered forces. With a brief context for the situation, the e-book is focused on the observation process to identify attackers before they launch their assault …READ MORE

Title: Creating Order Out Of Chaos

OverviewWith a behavior detection and assessment approach to separating the enemy from the crowd he hides amongst, everything begins with the baseline. It isn’t about “finding” order and it isn’t about “searching” for order. It is about using a purposeful approach to create the conditions …READ MORE


TitleBeing Faster Than Your Enemy

Overview: The goal is for the good guys to be faster than the bad guys.  That is how we prevent violence and crime, by making observations, making decisions and taking action faster than the criminal can. This e-book is focused on how to negate the enemy’s inherent advantage…READ MORE

TitlePerception and Reality: A Lethal Divide

OverviewWhen we fail to make honest assessments about our security posture, we expose ourselves to attacks from an unseen enemy that has found and exploited our vulnerabilities. Most of the time perception is reality and, whether we like that fact or not, …READ MORE



TitleBehavioral Analysis Reference List

Overview: A complete bibliography to “Left of Bang” and the topics discussed in The CP Journal’s training programs.  Since we apply research to support decision making “on-the-ground,” here are the resources we pull from …READ MORE

Title: The “Cluster Cards”

OverviewThe observations that we use to form each assessment about those around us.  These can be downloaded in “cargo-pocket” size or “desktop” size, depending on your anticipated use. These are essential elements of your daily practice…READ MORE

TitleHasty Search Flowchart

Overview: This flow chart shows the step-by-step process to conduct a hasty search for an area. Starting with an initial assessment about the collective mood and confirming it using the individual clusters, you will be hunting for anomalies within seconds of entering a new area. READ MORE

Title: Deliberate Search Flowchart

Overview: This flow chart shows the step-by-step process to conduct a deliberate search for an area. Starting with an assessment about type of area being observed and then determining the personas, processes and behaviors that make up the baseline, the  number of ways that an anomaly could present itself go up. READ MORE

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