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Being Faster Than Your Enemy

In security, the goal is for the good guys to be faster than the bad guys in every way.  That is how we prevent violence and crime from happening, by making observations, making decisions and taking action faster than the criminal can.  Being able to complete all four steps in the “Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act” cycle before the enemy can complete those same steps is easier said than done.  We want to reach the act stage before the criminal does so that we can have the upper hand and force our enemy to begin reacting to us. Every time we do this, we cause the criminal to reset his planning cycle and go back to step one.  While the action is the ultimate goal, it isn’t something that we can just jump to without first going through the entire process.

Because speed is a relative term (how fast good guys can do this compared to bad guys) we have to reflect on the fact that the enemy has a much easier job at orienting on us because we constantly stand out from the crowd.  Marines, Soldiers and police officers are wearing a uniform, which makes it easy for the enemy to figure out exactly who and where we are.  Executive protection teams have to defend well-known public figures, making it easy to identify them. A criminal does not have to strain himself to identify the corporate security officers who not only has to wear a uniform but are also standing at the building entrance near what is a clearly marked security desk.  The enemy can orient on us with much less effort, providing him with opportunities to take the initiative and develop detailed plans of attack.

This e-book is focused on how to negate the enemy’s inherent advantage and how we can use behavior to execute this OODA loop process more quickly than the criminal can.

** Please note that this e-book was part of a concept of releasing an online magazine that we experimented with.  Because of that, there is one “article” that is video-based, but not accessible in the PDF.  If you have attended one of our classes and have access to our online training center, you can find that video and analysis there.