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Creating Order Out of Chaos

With a behavior detection and assessment approach to separating the enemy from the crowd he hides amongst, everything begins with the baseline.  Every observation, every decision, and every piece of actionable intelligence starts by understanding the norm in the area.  Being able to look at the complexity of human behavior and turn that mass of information into something meaningful is all about creating order out of the apparent chaos.  Some people think that this is too daunting of a task. This issue is about why they are wrong and why a new officer, in any field, can begin establishing their baseline their first day on the job.

The title and theme for this e-book is centered on that specific focus – Creating Order Out Of Chaos. I use the word “creating” for a reason as well.  It isn’t about “finding” order and it isn’t about “searching” for order.  There is nothing about observing behavior that involves aimlessly stumbling through a process or hoping that you will eventually figure it out.  This is about using a purposeful approach to create the conditions that our nation’s protectors need to outsmart an ever-adapting enemy.

** Please note that this e-book was part of a concept of releasing an online magazine that we experimented with.  Because of that, there is one “article” that is video-based, but not accessible in the PDF.  If you have attended one of our classes and have access to our online training center, you can find that video and analysis there.