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Getting Started

Here are 5 videos to help you get started in the Tactical Analysis Program.

1. How to select and purchase a course. (Coming Soon)

2. Accessing and navigating purchased courses.

3. Understanding the module and lesson pages. (Coming Soon)

4. How to use the student handout. (Coming Soon)

5. How to ask a question while taking the online class.

Frequently Asked Questions – Tactical Analysis Online

Q: I watched the video but it won’t let me mark the module as complete.  What should I do?

A: You will need to reload the page and wait for the module timer to reach zero to mark as complete.  There was likely a loss in your internet connection during the playing of the video and when an internet connection fails, this makes the “mark as complete” button inactive.  We understand that reloading the page and waiting for the timer to run down can be frustrating, but the timer function is a feature that is heavily requested by our clients.

Q: The module video keeps buffering, is there any way to speed it up?

A: There is nothing that we hate more than having videos buffer and apologize when it happens.  Unfortunately, there is very little that we can do on our end and it is often a result of internet connection speed. Here are three possible solutions to faster streaming video.

Q: Why do you offer this course in an online format?

A: To answer this question we thought it might make sense to shed a little light on the history of our online programs and what we are working towards.  First, for a little bit of history – we initially rolled out our online course in 2013 to meet the needs of one of our best clients.  They were looking for a way to scale our in-person course and asked us to provide a virtual environment for all of their employees.  After hearing that the program was worthwhile we decided to make the program available to everyone to get the information into the hands of more people.  So the current basic program available on our website was our first rollout and we want to again thank all of our current students for choosing to train with us and providing us valuable feedback on the course.

Frequently Asked Questions – General

Q: I’m looking at the Tactical Analysis Online program, but don’t know which program is right for me.  Is there a difference between the different market specific courses?

A: We answered this question in a blog post where we explained the difference between the military, law enforcement, private security and school based programs to help you decide which program is right for you.  You can find the article here.

Q: What are you working on and when can we expect new courses to be released?

A: In the coming months we will be rolling out updates to our online program offerings based on feedback and results we have been gathering for the last few years.  The professionals that we are worked with in the military, law enforcement, private security, education, and corporate communities have been kind enough to offer valuable feedback to help us mold the future of The CP Journal and we hope to continue to offer valuable content to help everyone better understand human behavior.  Eventually, we plan to have online programs available that are tailored specifically to each of our client markets that we will continue to refine and improve.  As always, please continue to send your feedback on our content and programs to ensure that we are continuing to deliver value to you, our clients. As we make changes to our existing courses and prepare for new courses to be released, we update that information in our Course Road Map.

Q: Are the behaviors taught in the Tactical Analysis course the same as the ones written about in “Left of Bang.”

A: We have answered this question in a blog post that you can read here.

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