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Jonathan Smith Joins The CP Journal as the co-founder and Director of Business Development


NEW YORK, July 23rd, 2014 – The CP Journal, a behavioral analysis training company, is pleased to announce that Jonathan Smith has joined the company as the Director of Business Development.

Throughout his career, Mr. Smith has held positions with Ameriprise Financial, Fidelity Investments and BNY Mellon, bringing nearly a decade of experience in sales from the financial industry to The CP Journal.  At The CP Journal, Smith will be focused on expanding the company’s course offerings into the private sector with applications to business functions.

“We are excited to bring Jonathan on board,” said Patrick Van Horne, CEO of The CP Journal.  “The behavioral analysis concepts that the Marine Corps developed to deal with the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan have incredible applications to sales presentations, negotiations, interviews, management and countless other functions. Jonathan is the perfect person to help us offer these concepts to that audience.”

The CP Journal was founded in 2011 by Marine veteran Patrick Van Horne after he saw the gap between the existing training that members of the military, law enforcement and private security received, and the threats they were responsible for stopping.  “Jonathan is considered a co-founder of the company,” said Van Horne.  “He served as an advisor to me for months leading up to this decision and the role he will play in our growth as a business certainly warrants the title of co-founder.”

About The CP Journal: The CP Journal is committed to making the world a safer place by empowering our nation’s protectors with the ability to identify violent individuals before they attack.  In addition to working with the military, police departments and the security industry, The CP Journal provides training to professionals outside of the security industry in order to prevent workplace violence, school violence and active shooter scenarios. The CP Journal offers behavior assessment training in-person and online at



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